Visit Kalavryta with Odontotos, the world famous rack railway Diakopto Kalavryta. Unique route, through the gorge next to the Vouraikos River, in NATURA 2000 protected nature. The route of 23 kilometres covered in 1 hour and 5 minutes, very slowly, to allow visitors to see the beauty of the nature. At selected points the train almost stops. At the end of the route, in Kalavryta, you will walk through the historic small town of Kalavryta, between old stone buildings, traditional shops and visit the place of sacrifice, of whole male population of Kalavritians (total 1340 people) by the Nazis in 1943. You can sample local cheeses and dairy products, such as the famous Kalavryta feta and yogurt (brand names), graviera cheese and traditional home made bio pasta and local bio beans and wild bio herbs. Lunch in local taverns and coffee shops, if you want. Return by train to Diakopto. Departure in the morning from 8:00 and return 5:00 the afternoon. 3 km to the station.