Mega Spilaio

Visit to the Mega Spilaio, the oldest Orthodox monastery in Greece. Established the year 360. Impressive building, inside the rock, that keeps a lot of holy relics, most precious is the icon by the hands of Evangelist Loukas (who was painter), almost 2000 year old. Very helpful monks and the abbot of the monastery. 10 km distance. Then you can visit the open visit winery Tetramythos. The oenologist of the winery will explain the process of wine making in act. Wine tasting will followed by unique world local grape varieties. You can buy your wines at affordable prices, after the first try. Also visit the monastery of Holy Tinity at Trapeza. It is built on the ruins of ancient temple, which is known as "Gaion holy" and means Temple of the Earth goddess. From "Holy Gaion" survives a Dome. A conical building resembling Mycenaean tomb dates back to the late Mycenaean period. His height is 6.20m.

There paropoio building further notice but construction. The ancient dome has recast in church and frescoes of 1757. If you have time, visit historic Holy Monastery of Taxiarches. The preferred product of the Monastery of the Archangels is the famous original RODOZACHARI, a sweet made of rose petals to the traditional recipe of the monks. Further more visit Agia Lavra, built at 961 AD. Or Panagia Tripiti at Aigion.