In the heart of the mythical Peloponnese

The unspoiled nature of the area is interrupted by small traditional villages both on the mountains and on the beach. The high mountains, such as Helmos (top, 2500 meters over sea level and located 30 km from the Corinthian golf) end directly on the beach. The alpine environment of Helmoschanges rapidly in Mediterranean environment in just 30 km distance. By no vegetation on top of Helmos, passes to firs forest, then in pine forest, plane trees near small rivers and subsequently in croplands. From grapes to beginning to olive trees and citrus trees, close to the sea. Due to intense terrain, full of forests, few space for crops is available and production is small, but necessarily organic, since you can not apply an intensive crops method in small pieces of land. On the other hand, forests helps a lot with the supply of natural insemination from bees and physical protection from diseases, since their existence, ensures habitat for all necessary insect pests enemies of actors of these diseases. The excellent quality of products is the counterpart to the lower prices of mass chemical production. Organic olive oil, grapes, lemon, orange, cherry, meddler, vegetables gardens are common as also the local honey. Famous brand names of organic local products are FETA and Yogurt of Kalavryta, Vostizza currant, Diakopto lemons, Tetramythos wines, Extra Virgin cold process 0,2 acidity olive oil, Kernitsa cherries, Plataniotissa tomatoes. Ancient olive trees, over 1000 years old, survived from modern crops methods, need more than 3 men to hug. Excellent taste local fish, directly from the local fishermen are for sale at the dock of small fishing boats harbour at Diakopto. Enjoy all the local ingredients at the nearby small Taverns. Walk through olive and citrus trees existing in the village between the houses.

Of curse, all the most marked ancient monuments such as Acropolis, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Corinth, are less than 1,5 hours ( 170 km the longest) driving. Delfoi can be seen on the other side of Corinthian golf.

Notice that Helmos and Vouraikos are highly protected areas by NATURA 2000 and UNESCO MONUMENTS OF NATURE

see video of the beach


Pounda beach blue flag awarded

Swim at the best beach in the Peloponnese, Pounta. Relaxation, calm and swim in the crystal clear waters of Pounta, with umbrellas, sun beds, service on the beach, food, drink, coffee, snack by Stavento restaurant-beach bar. Wi-Fi access on the beach. Unlimited time.  FROM 1rst OF APRIL, TILL MID-NOVEMBER see video [...]


Odontotos, the unique world famous rack train

The Odontotos Visit Kalavryta with Odontotos, the world famous rack railway Diakopto Kalavryta. Unique route, through the gorge next to the Vouraikos River, in NATURA 2000 protected nature. The route of 23 kilometres covered in 1 hour and 5 minutes, very slowly, to allow visitors to see the beauty of the [...]


Mega spileo the oldest monastery in greece

Visit to the Mega Spilaio, the oldest Orthodox monastery in Greece. Established the year 360. Impressive building, inside the rock, that keeps a lot of holy relics, most precious is the icon by the hands of Evangelist Loukas (who was painter), almost 2000 year old. Very helpful monks and the [...]


Ancient theater of Aigira

The ancient theatre is situated near the town of Aigeira, 15 km away from Pounta beach, at an altitude of 350m above sea level, offering a spectacular, breathtaking view to the Corinthian gulf to the audience, that makes is unique ( no other theatre, all over the world, offers such [...]