Unique waterfront restaurant  click to watch video
On the fine gravel on the famous, blue flag awarded, beach of Punta, under the pine trees, lunch and dinner, with panoramic view over the Corinthian gulf and the local mountains
The fish and vegetables are on top.
Local fishermen from the fishing boats harbour of Diakopto, gives us fresh fish every day. Vegetables from local farms.
Lamb and other meats are second choice.

Customer’s favourites, TOP TEN:
1.Dorado or dorado king, grilled with olive oil-lemon dressing,
2.Calamari, stuffed with green fresh pepper and feta on light olive oil-vinegar dressing
3.Octopus grilled with grilled fresh pepper stuffed with feta
4.Grilled eggplants with garlic, oregano and parsley
5.Grilled local mushrooms (plevrotus) with oregano, herbs and spices
6.Red Mullets, barbel, grilled or fried
7.Tomatoes, pumpkin’s flowers and green peppers stuffed with rise and vegetables in the oven
8.Fresh green beans in tomatoes sauce with garlic and basil
9.Small fishes like fried with lemon, or sardines grilled on olive oil-lemon sauce
10. Meat balls from fresh veal in fresh tomatoes sause with french fries

Fish menu is based on the fishermen’s luck

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Cellar, exclusively from local organic wines, made at local open visit wineries, from ancient local varieties.
Cuisine type: Greek, Mediterranean flavours, from mainly local organic products.
Open from 12:30 until 21:30 continuously.   Last order in 20:00

Dresss code: free





Tetramythos Roditis (P.D.O.)
Dry White Wine-Protected destination of Origin PATRAS
Grape Variety: Roditis
Characteristics: White yellow colour, green apple and pergamonte flavour.
Full mouthfeel with crispy acidity.
Aged until eight years. A perfect accompaniment to fish, seafood, pies and white meats.
Served chilled at 8-10 C.

Tetramythos Malagousia
Dry White Wine
Protected Geographical Indication: Achaia
Grape Variety: Malagousia
Characteristics: White yellow colour, jasmin and pergamonte flavour.
Rich mouthfeel with crispy acidity and long aftertaste.
Aged until six years. Ideal as an aperitif and as a partner to platters of fruits.
Best served at 8-10C.

Tetramythos Black of Kalavryta

Dry Red Wine
Protected Geographical Indication Achaia
Grape Variety: Black of Kalavryta
Characteristics: Vivid ruby colour, cherry, strawberry and leather flavours.
Gentle with integrated tannins and attractive finish.
Aged until ten years. A perfect ac-companiment to fish in the oven with red sauce, pastas, light meats.
Best served at 14-16C.

Tetramythos Agiorgitiko
Dry Red Wine
Protected Geographical Indication Peloponnese
Grape Variety: Agiorgitiko
Characteristics: Deep red colour with violete, cherry and
prune aromas. Velvety and rich in mouth. Aged until
eight years. A perfect accompaniment to red meats,
pastas, grilled dishes and cheese.
Best served at 16-18C

Tetramythos Mavrodaphne
Naturally red sweet wine.
Grape variety: Mavrodaphne.
Characteristics: Intense black
colour,flavours of blackcurrants,sour
cherry,chocolate and tobacco.
Finesse mouthfeel with mild sweetnes.

Tetramythos Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry Red Wine
Protected Geographical Indication Aegialia Slopes
Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Characteristics: Deep red colour, small red fruit, herbs,
pepper and vanilla flavours.
Rich with long aftertaste. Ideal for red meats,
game and yellow cheese.
Best served at 17-19C.

Tetramythos Milia
Dry White Wine
Protected Geographical Indication Achaia
Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Characteristics: Golden yellow colour, lychees fruit,
vanilla, and basil flavours. Full mouth texture with
long aftertaste. A perfect accompaniment to white
meats, yellow cheese and Chinese dishes.
Best served at 9-11C.